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Jan 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
replacing nancy may dell in district three. >> veteran oakland school board member knoll replaces district 5 and the third new mab is dan cab, an environmental advocate who is succeeding councilwoman jane bruner in district 1. also being sworn in today, city attorney barbara parker. according to city officials she is the first african-american woman to be elected to city wide office in oakland. >>> this week marks a milestone for san jose as it first arab-american city councilman is in office. he grew up in san jose. he says he's honor today represent district 10 which includes almaden and blossom valleys. >> i'm hoping that many more of americans are encouraged by these results and -- and do want to get involved in -- in city politics because, you know, after -- after 9/11, a lot of the a rab-american community kind of got scare and had went inside that you are shils. >> his top priorties are public safety and refinancing. san jose short-term loans into long-term loans. >>> police are searching for a man they say try today lure children into his van twice last year. most recent i
Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm PST
can't help to think about the ore dell it led to. this public art project was part of his son's application to become an eagle's scout. >> later in the week says that it put the letter of expelling him. >> that was three months ago. they announced a change. bsa said it may allow its local troops to decide if they want to include gay members. a statement from the organization says bsa members and their parents can choose a local unit that meets the needs of their family. >> sexual orientation isn't an issue for a lot of people. it shouldn't matter. >> graduate school of business says pressure at the local level and from the top forces the organization to change. >> with proper donations being fold, they have to. >> he says there were also internal forces that work. >> i got pressure from its board members who are ceos of private corporations that have already completely recognized that the gay community is a valid source and can't be diskrimnated. >> it's not a complete victory even if the policy changes adopted, individual troops could still exclude gays. >> it's one step. we've
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
downtown livermore we saw people bun delled up. temperatures are forecasted -- bun delled up. our meteorologist -- bundeled up. >> here's a look at what we can expect. >> temperatures have been dropping off rapidly. from the 7:00-hour, and already down into the lower 40s toward walnut creek. san jose around 47 degrees. as far as the freeze warning, 8:00 saturday morning, that's in effect for the north bay. first with the frost advisory for the bay shorelinement temperatures in the shirts. and -- shoreline. that purple area for the north bay, the inland valleys and also the santa clara valley. coming up, we'll highlight the coolest morningest next few days and when we warm up. >>> the centers for disease control and prevention says the number of hit it is state hard by the flu is declining. doctors urge people to get a flu shot. they say especially important for children. >> we're looking at the children two years of age and younger are more vulnerable because of the fact they have smaller respiratory practice, their immune system is not fully developed because they are smaller in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3